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Friday, 15 July 2016:
We will be gathering at Sadie's Restaurant in Bernallilo. Doors will open at 6:00 PM, a buffet dinner will begin at 7:00 PM.
Cash Bar
Sadie's Website
54 Jemez Canyon Dam Rd
Bernalillo,NM     87004
(505) 771-7140
($30 per person)

Saturday, 16 July 2016:
Our final get-together will be at the Cooperage in Albuquerque. Doors will open at 5:00 PM, and dinner will begin at 6:00 PM.
Cash Bar
Cooperage Website
7220 Lomas Boulevard NE
Albuquerque, NM     87110
(505) 255-1657
($40 per person)

$65 per person for both events.

UPDATE 2016 04 01 (Paul Littleton)

I do apologize. Registration was supposed to begin today. However, I have not been able to finish the registration web pages. Please be patient and check back. Again, I apologize.

UPDATE 2016 02 15 (Paul Littleton)

We have had a few more planning phone calls and meetings since the last update. We have dates for the reunion. It will be 15 and 16 July 2016 in Albuquerque, NM. We are finalizing arrangements for two venues. Both Friday and Saturday will involve food and visiting with each other. Details will be forthcoming.

UPDATE 2015 04 13 (Paul Littleton)

We had our first conference call to start planning next year's reunion. I think we have some good ideas and a path forward. Stay tuned.

UPDATE 2014 09 20 (Paul Littleton)

The web site has been updated, replacing 52 files with 1 file and 1 database. I also added links to a couple of files that will list everyone in one page and allow you to look up all the information I have for someone. The last link refers to a file that allows maintenance of the database. It is password protected due to the fact that I have had hackers mess with the site before and I don't want the database damaged. Please let me know of any problems with the site at: Webmaster.

UPDATE 2014 09 11 (Paul Littleton)

I have begun updating the web site, hopefully, to make it easier to maintain.

Thank you to all who attended our 35th reunion. The reunion was Saturday, 30 July at El Pinto Restaurant. We all had a great time. See you at the 40th reunion.

UPDATE 2011 07 27 (Paul Littleton)

Registration for our reunion is closed.

UPDATE 2011 05 02 (Paul Littleton)

The price for the 35th reunion dinner has been set at $49.00. The place to pay for the event is here (see above payment button). We will not accept "walk-in's," so please plan ahead.

UPDATE 2011 01 07 (Paul Littleton)

The date and place for our 35th reunion has been set. It is 30 July 2011 at El Pinto restaurant in Albuquerque. Cocktail hour will begin at 6:00pm with a buffet dinner beginning at 7:00pm and the event will end at 10:00pm. We are working up a price for the event, so stay tuned.

UPDATE 2010 11 15 (Paul Littleton)

Karen Warin, Steve Kymes and I have been talking about a 35th "mini-reunion." We are not talking about a full-blown formal reunion like we had for the 30th, but something smaller. To facilitate discussion of a mini-reunion, Steve Kymes has set up a group called "MHS 1976 Reunion" on Facebook. As plans are made we will post information on the Facebook group as well as this web site.

To join the Facebook group, you will need to "friend" someone who is already in the group. Then they can add you to the group. My Facebook email is

UPDATE 2010 01 26 (Paul Littleton)

Not being able to leave well enough alone, I have changed how the class list pages are generated. I have probably introduced some error, so please send the webmaster a note if you notice anything wrong.

UPDATE 2009 08 23 (Paul Littleton)

I added Becky Adcock's obituary today. If you wish to read her obituary, please see the link next to her name and pictures in the class list.

UPDATE 2009 01 15 (Paul Littleton)

I have disabled the registration portion of the discussion board. The only people trying to register had no business on our discussion board. If you want to register, please send the webmaster and email.

UPDATE 2008 06 20 (Paul Littleton)

The other MHS76 site links were broken due to my mistake that I didn't catch until today. The links are alive and well.

UPDATE 2007 08 03 (Paul Littleton)

I couldn't leave "well enough" alone. So the heading has been changed to something that I hope looks better. If you think it is hideous, please let the webmaster know.

The other two MHS76 sites have disappeared. However, the domain name ownerships have not expired yet.

UPDATE 2007 03 28 (Paul Littleton)

The discussion forum was hammered by some obscene posts from a few guests. As a result guests can no longer post or change anything. Guests can still view the forum though. I have also envoked a registration proceedure that requires the forum moderator to approve anyone joining the forum. Please don't let any of this prevent you from registering for and using the forum.

I have also added a couple of links to the bottom of this page four our "sister" sites. There are at least two other MHS76 sites out there in the ether.

UPDATE 2006 07 23 (Paul Littleton)

I just added a link to a discussion forum. I know that it is a little late, but I just had to play with some of the new software floating around. I also added a link to another photo gallery that Anna Shawver created on shutterfly. The link is on this site's picture gallery page.

UPDATE 2006 07 22 (Paul Littleton)

The migration of this site to a new server is complete (I hope). Over the next few weeks, I hope to clean the pages up some. There is some new photo gallery software running and I would appreciate some feedback. Also, I have listed "" another way to get to the site. It might be a little easier to remember, or not.

UPDATE 2006 07 16 (Paul Littleton)


What a great time we had! The Sandia Casino Resort was a wonderful venue for our main event. The food was good and the friends were great. I'm already looking forward to the next reunion.

As time allows, I will be posting pictures in the "Gallery" section of the web site. Several of us took pictures and we will see how they look.

I will still be working on the site to keep the email addresses current. So, please send any email updates to me.

Links to our professional reunion planner

If you would like to check-in with someone that you might know, here are some names:
Karen Warin (Homet)
Lisa Kerr
Steve Kymes
Paul Littleton
Rick Maisel
Elizabeth Gross (Tawney)
Barring some huge disaster, we will get back to you.

UPDATE 2006 07 04 (Paul Littleton)

I have just completed a first cut through a new list of people. There are a number of new-to-the-website married names and a bunch of email addresses that I have not verified yet. I have another list to go through and some reconciliation of lists and I'll have the latest stuff on the web.

I will be posting details on the web about additional activities on 7 July 2006. Stay tuned!

UPDATE 2006 06 22 (stolen from Karen Warin)

Hi all!

I just spoke with Gina at Blast from the Past Reunions and discovered that some of us have not registered yet (myself included, because apparently I never clicked on “Submit Registration” when I went through the whole process a month ago!!!!).
Let’s set the pace for this thing and get on the website TODAY and register, if we haven’t already. I just did it myself and this time I got a confirmation e-mail in response. Go figure!
Just go to and you can register right online.

Karen Warin

UPDATE 2006 06 18 (stolen from Steve Kymes)

Hi All!

Those of you who have been on this list for a while may think that I lost my mind sending out another message so soon, but the contacts just keep coming in, and with som many new ones it seemed like a good time to send out a reminder/update.
It is now only 27days until the MHS Class of '76 comes together for our 30th reunion on July 15th. It is not too late to get in your reservations for our Gala event at the brand new Sandia Resort and Casino (if you have not checked this out, see the website at, this place is REALLY nice).
All of you should have received information on this by mail, but if you have not, or like me lost the form, visit the website of our reunion planner, Blast from the Past ( for their online form or to print one out.
If you just need to know where to send things to Blast from the Past, their address is

Blast from the Past Reunions
PO Box 66270
Albuquerque, NM 87193
Phone: (505) 897-4747
(877) 407-4747 (toll-free)

You can also reach Gina at her e-mail address
If you lost your form, no worry, there Blast from the Past offers a secure online registration form (Visa and Mastercard accepted).
Make sure you visit the reunion web site for all the latest updates. (if it seems a little out of date right now, that is because Paul is living it up on a cruise somewhere in the Carribean). [Europe actually Ed.]
Finally, there is still time to get the word out to your friends to encourage them to join us. Pass along any e-mail addresses to me, or even snail mail (I will see they get to Blast from the Past Reunions). We want to make sure everyone is there!
See you in Albuquerque next month!

Steve Kymes (for the MHS 30th Reunion Committee)

UPDATE 2006 05 20

I feel like we are moving into the home stretch. I hope that you will be able to attend the reunion activities in July. However, if you are unable to attend there are still some things that can make you a part of the reunion.

Thank you for helping us make this a fantastic reunion.

UPDATE 2006 04 28

Things are really moving now. I just got through visiting our web site at "Blast from the Past Reunions." It looks like all of the menu items are active. So now is the time to go visit "Blast from the Past" and register for our reunion. I have listed the links to the various pages below. If you go to the first link, then the others are available there as well. I know that I'm being redundant. I would rather be redundant than miss someone!

UPDATE 2006 04 05

There is a list of missing classmates on the "Blast from the Past Reunions" web site. Missing Classmates List
Please help out by sending anything you might know to

Additionally, there is a guide on the "Blast from the Past Reunions" web site that suggests how to prepare an information sheet for Blast Reunions to include in a memory book. The memory book does require Adobe Acrobat Reader. The memory book from the 20th reunion was great to wander through!

UPDATE 2006 03 11

We actually had the first full meeting of the reunion committee. While we have gotten off to a slow start, we are starting to pick up steam. PLEASE help us by letting people know about the reunion and the various web sites. Make sure that they get in touch with our reunion planner also. Thanks. We are all looking forward to seeing you on 15 July 2006!

UPDATE 2006 02 26
(This was posted 2006 02 19 on

Announcement from Blast from the Past Reunions

Manzano 1976 Reunion The class of '76 Manzano Monarchs will be having their 30-year reunion on July 15th, 2006 at the brand-new Sandia Resort and Casino. Please make plans to attend.
We are currently searching for all alumni. Please send your mailing address, phone, and email address to Blast from the Past Reunions at their email address: .
Thanks! Rick Maisel & your Reunion Comittee

It's been 30 years - come join the fun! The class of '76 Monarchs will be having a fun-filled Dinner/Dance at the new Sandia Resort and Casino on Saturday night, July 15th, 2006.

Check out the reunion site:
Manzano 1976

UPDATE 2006 02 17

Rick Maisel has arranged with Blast from the Past Reunions to arrange our reunion.
From looking at their web site, my best guess is that our web site at Blast from the Past Reunions will be:
Manzano 1976
The site is not up at this time.

Our contacts name at Blast from the Past Reunions is Gina.
The only email address that I could find was:

The snail mail address and phone numbers are:

Blast from the Past Reunions
PO Box 66270
Albuquerque, NM 87193

(505) 897-4747
(877) 407-4747 (toll-free)
(505) 897-2501 (fax)

UPDATE 2006 02 15

Hello all,

In our continuing effort to keep all of you updated of our progress in planning the reunion (however halting that might be), I am sending you this update. First, we now have 40 people (counting me) on our listserv. Thanks to all of you who have already sent in new addresses.That means we have only 671 to go. Please feel free to forward my e-mail address ( to anyone you would like to include. Also, if you have e-mail (or snail mail) addresses you want to have included, let me know. BTW...there have been people who said, "I am interested in the reunion, but I have never heard of that Steve Kymes guy...why should I trust him with my e-mail address, he may be a pervert or worse a SPAMMER!" Well, 30 years ago I was one of those geeks who hung out with the 'Staters'. My primary claims to fame were a 3.93 GPA, writing a column in the Monarch that p****** off a lot of people, and during one assembly getting hit in the face with a cream pie by Theresa Marquez which resulted in the loudest cheer this side of a state championship. I now live in St. Louis where I am a college professor, I have been happily married for 23 years, and the only people I p*** off now are my kids and students. I assure you that while I may be a pervert in my heart, I am a Libertarian, and certainly no spammer, so your e-mail address is safe with me. Send them on. Second, we now have a WEBSITE (we may have been the Bicentenial class, but we are certainly members of the 21st century) courtesy of the hard work of Paul Littleton (thanks Paul). Here is the website:
Feel free to bookmark it and make frequent visits. Right now, as with everything in this one week old work in progress, it is under construction, but we are certainly doing our best to keep it moving. We will also be posting a link on the MHS website so inquiring minds can find us (assuming they get that far!). Also feel free to let us know suggestions for what you would like to see on the website (...and yes, we know that details of what we will be doing, as well as dates are on the top of the list). Finally, Rick Maisel is hard at work trying to nail down details concerning our "main event". We hope to have some decisions made this week or next on the venue, entertainment, cost and (yes) date of the event. We will be back to you as soon as those details are ironed out. Thanks for your patience. I look forward to seeing all of you this summer.


Planning for this 30th reunion of the bicentennial graduating class of Manzano High School began 20 years ago. Thoughts of this reunion have been forming in the mind of our senior class president, Rick Maisel. We all need to thank him for keeping us in his thoughts for all of these years.

Plans for this web site started as a casual comment during a meeting of 4. The meeting has been referred to as a mini-reunion. However the activities sparked by this meeting of 4 minds was exciting to watch. The major result of the mini-reunion was communication. This web page will hopefully contribute to this communication.

Should you want to check in with someone and be counted:
Steve Kymes
Karen Warin (Homet)
Elizabeth Gross (Tawney)
Paul Littleton

As with all web sites, please be a little patient with all of the "construction." Young web sites are usually slightly worse than useless and then grow to be useful as they change and morph. This site will be no different.

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